Game Format

  • Teams will get a 5 minute warm up
  • Game times will be 15, 15, 15
  • One 30 second time out per game
  • Running time will commence with 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd period if a 5-goal differential and will run balance of game (To revert back to stop time goal differential must be reduced to 3)
  • Overtime if tied at end of regulation is 5 minutes of sudden death 3 on 3 and then if still tied a 3 player shootout (PLAYOFF ROUND ONLY)
  • Shootout format – Home team to decide who shoots first. Designated Shooters will alternate shots. If score remains tied after 3 shooters, new players will participate in a sudden death shootout. The players who have already shot may not shoot again until all eligible players have taken a shot. Penalized Players with time remaining on their penalty are not eligible for the shootout. (PLAYOFF ROUND ONLY)

Scoring Rules

  • Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss
  • No matter what the score ends up, a team cannot be credited more than a 7-goal difference. The winning team will be credited with 7 goals greater than the opposing teams score.
  • The top 4 teams will advance to the semi-finals.
  • Semi-final seeding will be determined by placement within the division. In case of a tie refer to Tiebreaker Rules

Tiebreaker Rules

  • Head to Head (if applicable; in the event of a 3 way tie skip to next tiebreaker)
  • Goal percentage ( goals for divided by goals for plus goals against – highest percentage will be the higher seed)
  • Lowest goals against
  • Highest goals for
  • Coin flip


  • Tournament governed by Hockey Canada rules (CHA)
  • Any player receiving a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game and shall be subject to further suspension pending review by game officials and Tournament Committee
  • Any fighting major will result in ejection from the tournament